OMA Ömer Atiker Holding



As a world-wide Turkish brand, we create a global impact with the products and services we proudly introduce. We are proud to be a brand known worldwide with our quality and innovative approach, going beyond the borders of Turkey.


To ensure the continuous development of the products produced by keeping the satisfaction of all our stakeholders, especially customers and employees, at the highest level in every sector in which we operate. To continue to contribute to our country’s economy and work for its benefit with a reliable and transparent production approach.

To move forward with strong steps by improving service quality day by day in the sectors in which you operate. Our knowledge and experience gained by serving our customers for many years; To continue working wholeheartedly with the power of our corporate culture, values and qualified human resources.

Opening up to new markets with stable growth.


To offer environmentally friendly products that never compromise on product quality and safety, taking into account consumer expectations. To be a pioneer in the sectors we operate in and an example to the whole world with products developed thanks to high technological infrastructure.

To be a popular brand with projects developed based on respect for people. To meet the expectations of our customers in the best way by making their lives easier by acting with the understanding of social benefit. To increase the worldwide awareness and prestige of the brands we represent.

To keep efficiency at the highest level with sustainable production.


It opened its second branch in PERDEMSAC Plaza in 1990 and continues its new investment in Dilova today. Continuing his investments for the development of our country, Küçükbakırcı founded Mert Makina Sanayi in 1998 to manufacture crushing facilities and stone crushing machines. Mert Makine is one of the most preferred companies in many provinces of our country and in many countries, especially in the Balkan countries, with its machine installation and complete facilities for the road, construction and mining sectors.